Featured Chocolates - January

  • Country: United States
  • Notable Ingredients: Ecuadoran & Venezuelan cacao, honey, black currant, coconut, grapefruit, coffee, cardamom, pineapple, hazelnut, lime, sesame, green tea, cashews, almonds, Hawaiian sea salt, cranberries, pecans, apricots, crisped rice
You are in for a treat this month! Brooklyn Born Chocolates are crafted from the finest ingredients in the world by one of the top pastry chefs in N.Y., Jean-Francois Bonnet, and are sure to provide a gustatory adventure. They feature single origin, organic and fair trade chocolates, exotic fruits, spices, fresh herbs and sundry flavors. All Brooklyn Born Chocolates are made by hand each and every step. You’ll receive a box of nine unique truffles, plus two different amazing barks created using ingredients from the south of France – one with milk chocolate, almonds, apricots and crystallized ginger, and the other a dark chocolate bark with pine nuts, figs and cinnamon. Your nine truffles will be a selection from among Chef Bonnet’s fifteen signature pieces: Honey, Dulce de Leche, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Lemon, Coconut, Passion, Raspberry, Coffee Cardamom, Pear Black Tea, Lime, 66%, 55%, Green Tea, Chestnut, and Nougat... Read More

Featured Chocolates - February

  • Country: United States
  • Notable Ingredients: : Rich Belgian Callebaut chocolate, sweet Vermont cream, 100% pure Vermont maple syrup, and raspberry, hazelnut, pistachio and champagne ganaches
The Chocolates of Vermont line is Lake Champlain Chocolates' signature product line, and so it is with great pride that we bring you these sumptuous blends of chocolate that impress the palates of even the most particular gourmands. Handcrafted from the highest quality Belgian chocolate and the finest natural ingredients including local Vermont cream, sweet butter, maple syrup, honey, fruits, nuts, and natural flavoring, this chocolate represents the memorable moods and flavorings of Vermont... Read More

Featured Chocolates - March

  • Country: United States
  • Notable Ingredients: Sea Salt, Blood Orange, Tahitian Vanilla Lemon, Marshmallow, Pistachios
This month we have a heavenly treat in store for you, and we mean in every way, not just the name. Say hello to Ethereal Confections based in Woodstock, Illinois. While relatively new to the business of chocolate making, as Illinois’s first bean-to-bar, small-batch chocolate producer, Ethereal is making its mark not only with its delectable products, but by its business model, cacao sourcing, and attentive chocolate-making process. Read More

Featured Chocolates - April

  • Country: United States
  • Notable Ingredients: Sea Salt Chocolate Butter Toffee, Dark Chocolate Toasted Almond Bark, White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Extra Dark Chocolate (81%), Vanilla Bean, Cardamom, Orange, Earl Grey, Lemon, and Caramel.
The Secret Chocolatier uses fresh seasonal ingredients from regional farmers to create their unique flavors. There are no extracts or oils used. Everything is processed in a cream steeping method to bring out the peak flavors. As a rule, they have decided that the best can’t be tampered with. The pursuit of longer shelf life, temperature stability, etc., requires the introduction of a lot of science, and that pushes the "natural" out. It’s a difference that you can sense – that you can taste – so The Secret Chocolatier rejects such artificial approaches in favor of pure, all-natural ingredients and processes. They strive to stay as close to the source of all their ingredients as possible. We’re proud to bring you a selection of their classics as well as some seasonal creation... Read More

Featured Chocolates - May

  • Country: Belgium
  • Notable Ingredients: almond marzipan, amaretto butter cream, anise, caramel, coconut, hazelnut, marc de champagne
Carlos Noppe and his wife, Cathy Lingier, founded Carline Royal Belgian Chocolates in 1980. If you pay close attention, you will see that Carline is a clever mélange of their names. Carline is located just outside of Bruges, in Roeselare, and is a longtime supplier of gourmet, artisanal chocolates to Belgium’s best artisanal bakeries and shops. In 2002, their son, Kristof Noppe, and brother, Jo, began overseeing production and growth of Carline. Due to increased demand, Carline has doubled the size of their production facility. Carline today is one of Flanders’ – the Flemish-speaking section of Belgium – premier chocolate and marzipan producers and continues to craft chocolates from traditional recipes and all-natural, raw ingredients. Read More

Featured Chocolates - June

  • Country: Belgium
  • Notable Ingredients: Nougatine, crystallized orange peel, coffee, ginger, aniseed, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin, and Earl Grey Tea.
Michael and Jean-Francois Poncelet say that chocolate runs in the family, handed down by their father, a remarkable chocolatier subscribing to Belgian traditions. In 1989 they gave birth to Dolfin with a mission to draw on the original sources of chocolate, capturing it’s strengths and authenticity. Dolfin chocolates are a far cry from flavored creams - carefully selected natural ingredients are mixed directly with grand cru and secret blends of chocolate beans. You can find these extraordinary gems in prestigious emporiums - Selfridges in London, La Grande Epicerie in Paris, the KDW in Berlin and the Sony Plaza in Tokyo. Our favorites are the Pastiche collection – rare chocolate combined with cocoa, Earl Grey tea, coffee, nougatine, pink peppercorn, ginger and much more. Read More

Featured Chocolates - July

  • Country: United States
  • Notable Ingredients: Strawberries, raspberries, cappuccino, orange, champagne, caramel, French Sea Salt
Torn Ranch is passionate about crafting natural and organic snacks using the best local ingredients to create layers of flavor. We’re not talking about simple snacks or mass produced bars; we’re talking about real food, made by real people, with a real passion for their products and the planet. Point in fact, they’re making conscious sourcing decisions to use ingredients that are in the best interest of sustaining the honey bee, whose population has been in steady decline in the past few years. They not only use honey in some of their confections but they also make sure that the plants they get ingredients from will benefit the honey bee... Read More

Featured Chocolates - August

  • Country: Belgium
  • Notable Ingredients: bean-to-bar, single-origin, single-vintage chocolates
We have selected for you seven, award-winning dark chocolate bars from the 2019 harvest. They are beautifully packed in artistically designed and vibrantly colored and thick paper wrappers with an additional layer to protect the bar from air and moisture. The bars themselves are also tasteful works of art that reflect each country and region of origin. In four of the bars, you will delightfully discover within them flavors and filling! Read More

Featured Chocolates - September

  • Country: Canada
  • Notable Ingredients: Cinnamon, pecans, candied orange peel, honey, nougat, pretzels, frites.
In 2011, Dufflet Small Indulgences and David’s Fine Belgian Chocolates joined forces, and with an unrelenting focus on creative innovation, quality ingredients, award winning products, and impactful design they created Chocolate Signatures. Together, they have over 55 years of experience in the world of confections and pastries... Read More

Featured Chocolates - October

  • Country: United States
  • Notable Ingredients: Himalayan Sea Salt, Habanero Sea Salt, Coffee, Honey, Earl Grey Tea
Founded in 2011 by the Houlihan Family, Four Brothers Chocolate is loocated just west of Chicago in Wheaton, Illinois. This chocolate company uses only the freshest ingredients to bring you the best chocolate possible and are famous for not only their delicious truffles but their butter toffee as well.

More info coming soon...

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Featured Chocolates - November

  • Country: United States
  • Notable Ingredients: Strawberries, Aged Balsamic Vinegar, Coffee, Honey, Fleur de Sel, Hazelnut Praline, Cranberries
Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jean-Marie Auboine Chocolatier was started by master chocolatier Jean-Marie Auboine . Chef Auboine has been recognized as one of the top five chocolate masters in the world and named one of the 10 best pastry chefs in North America. You’re in for a rare and delightful chocolate experience when you taste Jean-Marie Auboine’s hand-crafted creations. They’re beautiful on the outside and exquisitely delicious on the inside. Read More

Featured Chocolates - December

  • Country: United States
  • Notable Ingredients: Mint, pralines, pistachios, ancho chile, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, ginger, matcha green tea, yuzu, coconut, espresso
Since Mayana Chocolates' beginning in 2008, the husband and wife team of Chef Daniel and Tamara Herskovic has taken the chocolate world by storm. That year, they entered the first Chicago Luxury Chocolate Salon and won over seven awards including: Best in Salon, Most Gifted Chocolatier, Most Luxurious Chocolate Experience, and Best Dark Chocolate. They also have been featured in several publications, such as Food & Wine Magazine and Epicurious... Read More
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