Chocolate Fondue Recipes


Chocolate Fondue 


a large chocolate bar 
a pot to melt chocolate 
strawberries, bananas, 
pretzels, animal crackers and other 
munches that you like. 
Pick a pan called a double boiler.

Pick a pan called a double boiler. Boil water in the lower pan and melt the chocolate in the pan that fits on top. Make sure that the boiling water does not get into the chocolate. Mix the chocolate while it melts. When the chocolate is melted it will be smooth. Now simply dip your munchies and ENJOY!


Chocolate Rum Fondue 

This is a truly delicious fondue. The greek yogurt gives a lovely edge to the taste. If you're not possessed of a sweet tooth, go for the plain chocolate and fruit combination. The Toblerone/marshmallow combination tends to be too sweet. Extra nuts can be added to this if you like.



200g/7oz plain chocolate or Toblerone

1 1/2 tbsp (white) rum (optional)

1 oz butter

2 tbsp Greek yoghurt

1/4 pint whipping/double cream

fruit pieces or marshmallows to dip


Melt rum, chocolate and butter together in a pan on low heat. Remove from heat, and stir in yogurt and cream. Serve with fruit pieces/marshmallows.

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