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Savoring the world’s finest artisanal chocolates is an experience, one that’s enhanced by knowing a bit about what you’re tasting, how it was made, and who made it. Accompanied with each chocolate shipment is In Pursuit of Chocolate, our monthly newsletter, which introduces you to the artisanal chocolatiers and the unique personalities behind each Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club featured selection. You’ll receive:

  • Artisanal chocolatier profiles
  • Detailed tasting notes for each featured chocolate
  • How featured chocolates are made
  • Confection profiles highlighting unusual ingredients
  • Chocolate histories and origins

For more information about our previously featured chocolatiers, choose any month below to review that month’s selections and to read the associated profiles for each featured chocolatier and their creations.

You can also view our current yearly line-up of chocolates using our annual chocolate calendar

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Savoring each bite of bold, innovative and flavorful hand-made chocolates is without a doubt the best part of being a member of The Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club™. Discovering chocolatiers and chocolate creations you’ve never tried before makes that even better. But why stop there? Each month you’ll read all about the origins and histories of each featured chocolate, what kinds of time-honored or innovative processes were used to make them, what creative ingredients were used to make them and most importantly, what to look for when you taste them.

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